Who are we?

Since it was founded in 1998, Millet Innovation has been a recognised figure in the field of chiropody and orthopaedics. Driven by its passion and desire to bring relief to as many people as possible, the company’s mission is to develop, manufacture and market innovative, high-performance, high-quality products. Represented by the EPITACT® brand, we, the company’s employees, work on a daily basis to prevent and relieve chronic and sometimes irreversible pain in the human body. As individuals, healthcare professionals, sportspeople, employers and employees, we are determined to offer you ever more relevant technologies to best meet your needs.

Millet Innovation is a French laboratory based in the Drôme (26). Proud of our commitment to the local economy, we have chosen to preserve our independence as far as possible by making the most of our creativity and know-how.

To achieve this, we centralise all stages of development, from design to manufacturing and marketing. With our in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and biomechanics, we develop our devices in the laboratory. To automate production and meet growing demand, we also develop unique machines in-house.

Our technical materials are also carefully selected: our silicone gels are processed in the workshop and combined with a fine, strong fabric made in France.

Finally, we control the distribution and delivery times for our devices, selling them in pharmacies, specialist shops and our online shops.

EPITACT®‘s primary ambition is to find lasting, effective solutions to the frequent, recurring pain that hampers everyday life. To achieve this, we draw on our expertise in the use of silicone gels and technical fabrics to create washable, reusable products for prolonged daily wear.

The formulation of silicone gels is EPITACT®‘s main area of expertise. We develop silicone gels with unique properties (pressure distribution, self-adhesion, skin tissue substitution, etc.) to compensate for certain deficiencies in the human body’s functions or to limit the factors that encourage the development of pathologies.

We also use various French fabrics with specific extension capabilities. Our pattern-makers are also experts in several sewing techniques, so as not to create any extra thickness and offer solutions that are ever more comfortable and discreet.

With an authentic approach, EPITACT® products and advice are a promise of quality, a guarantee of reliability, developed by and for people who want to improve everyday well-being. Above all, our brand is yours: it’s time to feel better with EPITACT®!

Novation and innovation

In the 1990s, the foot care market offered only disposable solutions for chronic pathologies. In 1998, EPITACT® saw an opportunity and developed its first long-lasting technology: foot pads, designed to relieve pain under the forefoot. This success provided the impetus for the development of a complete range of washable and reusable foot care solutions.

A few years later, we took a close look at the orthopaedic market for certain common musculoskeletal disorders. The conclusion was clear: the only existing solutions were bulky, compressive and uncomfortable orthoses. So EPITACT® created a new form of orthopaedic device that was thinner, lighter and ultra-comfortable, providing relief for everyday activities. Inspired by proprioception, this new orthopaedic system will give rise to a range of novel proprioceptive orthoses with innovative patterns.

Our key dates


Creation of the company

Development of a podiatry range (washable and reusable products) Mail order sales to chiropodists and individuals


Sale of products in pharmacies


Export development in Europe



Development of proprioceptive orthopaedics


Development of an orthopaedic range for other joints


Development of a sports range


Attachment to CuraeLab within the GTH group


Development of new distribution channels

For 24 years, EPITACT® has maintained an insatiable thirst for inventing or reinventing everyday solutions to provide better relief for people suffering from chronic pathologies.

To date, EPITACT® holds 25 international patents.

Nos valeurs et engagements

Former et informer en facilitant l’accès à l’information médicale est l’un des premiers objectifs d’EPITACT®. Régulièrement, nous publions des contenus pédagogiques sur nos pathologies et nos produits pour inviter à la prévention de certains gestes et facteurs de risque du quotidien.

Prévenir et soulager, protéger et corriger, sont les fonctions premières de notre gamme de solutions innovantes. Pour nous, la qualité, le confort et l’efficacité sont les critères essentiels pour des solutions de santé d’excellence. Nos dispositifs mêlent ainsi durabilité et performance, garanties par de nombreux brevets.

EPITACT®, c’est une culture d’entreprise solide où l’on partage des valeurs profondes et des objectifs ambitieux. Fondée sur les principes de reconnaissance et de bienveillance, l’entreprise met un point d’honneur à encourager la cohésion, la communication et le bien-être au sein de ses équipes. Nous défendons également la création d’emplois : avec 5 collaborateurs à ses débuts, ce ne sont pas moins de 280 personnes qui travaillent désormais chez EPITACT®.

Sans relâche depuis notre création, nous nous engageons pour transmettre nos connaissances, partager notre savoir-faire et rendre le confort accessible pour tous. Ainsi, nous nous investissons pour la santé de chaque individu et de chaque communauté sportive, patronale et salariale. Nous travaillons également en étroite collaboration avec des podologues, pharmaciens et magasins spécialisés.

Pour chaque jour améliorer le confort et le bien-être de ses collaborateurs, EPITACT® s’engage aussi dans la Qualité de Vie au Travail. Régulièrement, notre équipe QVT concocte des activités ludiques pour favoriser le partage, la communication, le bien-être et le respect de l’environnement. Entre ateliers créatifs, repas partagés, séances de gym, de yoga et activités zéro déchet, les occasions de se retrouver sont infinies. Nous le savons et le promouvons : l’ergonomie et l’aisance sociale comme professionnelle en entreprise sont des piliers centraux pour une prévention active des troubles musculosquelettiques.

Dans une démarche environnementale, il nous tient particulièrement à cœur de faire d’EPITACT® une marque responsable. Premièrement, en favorisant des matériaux et fournisseurs locaux et en proposant des solutions lavables et réutilisables avec une longue durée d’utilisation. Puis, nous mettons aussi en œuvre le tri sélectif, la réduction des déchets et le covoiturage qui minimisent déjà notre empreinte carbone. Enfin, nous revalorisons nos enjeux environnementaux, sociaux, éthiques et économiques pour contribuer au développement durable grâce à la mise en place d’une responsabilité sociétale des entreprises (RSE).

Our values and commitments

Educating and informing by facilitating access to medical information is one of EPITACT<sup>®</sup>’s primary objectives. We regularly publish educational content on our diseases and our products to encourage people to prevent certain everyday actions and risk factors.

Prevention and relief, protection and correction are the primary functions of our range of innovative solutions. For us, quality, comfort and effectiveness are the essential criteria for excellent healthcare solutions. Our devices combine durability and performance, guaranteed by numerous patents.

EPITACT® is a strong corporate culture with shared values and ambitious goals. Founded on the principles of recognition and benevolence, the company makes a point of encouraging cohesion, communication and well-being within its teams. We are also committed to job creation: from 5 employees at the outset, EPITACT® now employs no fewer than 280 people.

Since our creation, we have been relentlessly committed to passing on our knowledge, sharing our expertise and making comfort accessible to all. In this way, we are committed to the health of every individual and every sporting, business and employee community. We also work closely with chiropodists, pharmacists and specialist shops.

To improve the comfort and well-being of its employees every day, EPITACT® is also committed to Quality of Life at Work. Our QWL team regularly puts together fun activities to encourage sharing, communication, well-being and respect for the environment. Between creative workshops, shared meals, gym sessions, yoga and zero waste activities, the opportunities to get together are endless. We know this and we promote it: ergonomics and social and professional comfort in the workplace are central pillars in the active prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.

As part of our environmental approach, we are particularly keen to make EPITACT® a responsible brand. Firstly, by favouring local materials and suppliers and by offering washable and reusable solutions with a long service life. Then, we also implement selective sorting, waste reduction and car-sharing, which already minimise our carbon footprint. Lastly, we are re-evaluating our environmental, social, ethical and economic challenges to contribute to sustainable development through the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Our solutions

Behind the EPITACT® brand lies a comprehensive, technical and diversified range of podiatry and orthopaedic solutions. It covers a wide range of joint, tendon, nerve, nail and skin injuries.

Excluding cosmetology, all our products are class I medical devices (MD) and carry the CE mark. Complying with regulatory requirements, our devices do not present any significant risks and are intended for specifically therapeutic use.

EPITACT® products are comfort solutions for the prevention and/or relief of sometimes disabling chronic conditions. They are indicated for medical purposes or intended for sportspeople and professionals. Our range can be divided into two main categories:
  • Protective solutions; interfaces that relieve pain, particularly pain caused by pressure and friction on the affected area.
  • Corrective solutions; orthoses that act on the symptoms that aggravate the condition, thereby limiting their progression.
EPITACT® currently offers devices for around twenty pathologies affecting the back, feet, hands and wrists, knees, ankles and skin. Whether the pain is occasional or chronic, we are particularly specialised in the treatment of common musculoskeletal disorders such as osteoarthritis or tendonitis of the thumb and knee, lower back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Distribution and distributors

At EPITACT®, we want to be as close as possible to consumers, so we are diversifying our distribution channels, in particular through sales to pharmacies, businesses, sportsmen and women and chiropodists. You’ll find our products in pharmacies, pharmacy wholesalers, specialist distributors (mail order, orthopaedic shops, etc.) and on the web (online shops, Amazon).

In all the markets developed by the company, sales are mainly made through pharmacies. Today, EPITACT® can be found in over 7,000 pharmacies!

International presence

Over the years, EPITACT® has continued to conquer new territories. Today, the brand enjoys a worldwide reputation, with a dominant European presence in 16 countries. Thanks to its resounding success, EPITACT® knows no boundaries and continues to win over new markets every year.

Our governance

EPITACT® now employs more than 280 staff, chaired by :


Chief Executive Officer
of CuraeLab

In 2019, Millet Innovation joined the GTH group through its CuraeLab subsidiary.


of the GTH Group

Alongside them, five directors guide the company:


Innovation Division


Strategic Marketing Division


International Sales & France - New Channels


Supply Chain Division


Administrative Division